Voice FAQs
Excellence + Experience = Results
“I started having trouble with my voice going completely out, whenever I got excited. Most of the time, I was hoarse whenever I did a lot of talking or singing. After having voice therapy, I learned not to overwork my voice so that I can enjoy a longer-lasting, more resonant sounding voice without the hoarseness. I would like to thank Dr. Bonnie Smith for teaching me how to accomplish this.”
A 58 year old male client and systems communication technician.
“I recently underwent surgery for a paralyzed vocal fold, which though successful, did leave me with a raspy voice and an inability to project my voice. Dr. Smith has been tremendous in helping me, through voice therapy, to speak in a clearer voice and to project my voice when talking. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field.”
A 71 year old female client, retired, Cape Coral, FL.
“Being a patient of Dr. Smith’s, I would like to say that my experience with her was truly, truly great. She was such a great help to me, in helping me to clear my voice and speak clearly. I enjoyed every session. She was compassionate and kind and timely with me. I learned to have my voice come from my head and not my throat. It has really increased my speaking level. She is an excellent voice therapist."
A 54 year old female client, retired.
“I was diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal fold 16 years ago. Prior to considering surgery, my laryngologist referred me to Dr. Smith for voice therapy. After three sessions with her, my voice became considerably stronger. Dr. Smith’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise in this field have certainly been beneficial to my voice recovery. Her intuition and relaxed atmosphere in therapy have given me the ability to move forward rapidly. I would sincerely recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who requires voice therapy. She is a qualified speech pathologist in the area of voice and is able to expertly communicate helpful information to her patients.”
 A 68 year old male client, retired musician and singer, Fort Myers, FL.
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