Voice FAQs

Dr Adriana Da Silveira, DDS, MS, PhD
Chief of Orthodontics
Craniofacial Center
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
"I worked with Dr. Smith for 7 years at University of Illinois' Craniofacial Center. She is a great team player, adding her speech expertise to the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with cleft lip and/or palate and other craniofacial anomalies.
We have also completed several research projects together. Dr. Smith is a thorough, experienced, and knowledgeable speech pathologist, someone who is truly at the 'top of her game'".
"I've worked with Dr. Smith for over 7 years. As the coordinator of one of the clinics where she works, it's important to me that billing and chart notations are completed in a timely fashion, and that professionals work independently of supervision but also interact as a team. It's also important that the highest quality of customer service is provided. In all these areas, Dr. Smith performs at the top of our group. Her reports are thorough and timely, she makes sure physicians have the records the same day or day after the patients are seen, and billing is completed the same day. She contacts other professionals seeing the patients and responds to all inquiries right away. Patients and professionals could not ask for better service or a higher quality of care".  
Terri Kaisling,
Clinic Coordinator
The Craniofacial Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
Wayland Wong, MD
Advocate Trinity Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
"Dr. Bonnie Smith has provided exceptional service to my practice for the past eight years. She is highly competent and provides professional service for my patients with voice challenges as well as craniofacial disorders. All appointments have been in a timely fashion and follow-up reports have been communicated to me rapidly. Most of all, she has been a truly caring individual with excellent patient rapport".
"I have known Dr. Bonnie Smith for over two decades. Her work with patients who have voice problems or speech problems related to craniofacial anomalies is well-known in Chicago. Dr. Smith combines her knowledge of research in many areas with clinical expertise to achieve solid and significant results with her patients. She is interested in why various treatment approaches work and how to tailor techniques to achieve success for particular patients. Dr. Smith is a valued colleague with whom I can consult about patients and practice issues in speech-language pathology".   Gail Kempster
Associate Professor and Speech-Language Pathology Program Director
Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
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